• Early Adaptations are Necessary

    Embracing new technology -The risk/reward of urgent response to the climate crisis

  • Being a Blessing

    God is calling us to learn from the example of those who have come before us and have been a blessing in our life, and to take those lessons we learned and go out to be a blessing to others.

  • Justice must be the foundation of our path forward.

    what is the foundation that we base our laws on?

  • Sacrifice is necessary

    Sacrifice is necessary SUMMARY KEYWORDS: sacrifice, Abraham, life, God, boundaries, people, white male privilege, ancient wisdom, cornerstone, creation, path, faith, facemask, Isaiah, challenge, faith traditions, source, hear, privilege, wisdom Welcome back to intersections where we explore the intersection of ancient wisdom, scripture and modern life. And in doing so, we ask, what can ancient wisdom…

  • Humble for the journey

    SUMMARY KEYWORDS: humility, humble, wisdom, life, god, journey, source, humbleness, motorhome, explore, cornerstone, planting, live, creation, retired, describes, future, error, humbling, admit Welcome back to intersections where we explore the intersection between ancient faith, ancient knowledge, scripture, and modern life. And we ask, does the one inform the other? And that’s what we’ve been exploring…